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British Strength Radio

Dec 24, 2021

Sam Bollands is a former 125kg powerlifter who, at the time of publication, still holds the UK cross-federation total record in the 125 class. In this episode, we discuss the realisations Sam has made since he stepped away from powerlifting due to the fact that he found he had an unhealthy relationship with the sport...

Dec 13, 2021

John Haack is the number one ranked sleeved powerlifter in the world, by both Wilks and Dots. He recently totaled 1000kg at 90kg bodyweight, and by the age of 23, he had totaled 810kg as an 83kg lifter in the IPF.

Jessica Buettner is the current IPF world champion in the 76kg class and also holds the squat, deadlift and...

Nov 25, 2021

Jay Farrant is the owner of ABS Powerlifting. ABS is a group of powerlifting clubs all around Ireland, a coaching service and a series of competitions.

Nov 20, 2021

In this episode, Jack Lovett and Alexander Clarke preview the upcoming Spartan Raw '21 competition with a Q&A section about the event and a breakdown of how each competitor might do on the day, including predictions as to who might take home the big prizes awarded to the overall and category winners.

Spartan Raw is the...

Nov 6, 2021

Kevin Oak is a raw powerlifter who has squatted an all-time world record in the 110kg sleeved division of 390kg and has totaled 987.5kg raw without wraps. He is also the owner of the Barbell Commission clothing line.