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British Strength Radio

Apr 28, 2023

Chris Pappillion is an American powerlifter who has totaled 1017.5kg (2238lbs) single-ply, a top-50 total on the all-time list. He is a three-time Olympia Pro Powerlifting champion, a five-time national champion, and a three-time world champion in various federations. He also holds records in the raw and...

Apr 16, 2023

Fernando Arias is a raw powerlifter from Pennsylvania, USA. He is the current ABS Clash Of Titans champion, and he has totaled 1035kg raw with wraps and 985kg in sleeves. (use code BRITISHSTRENGTH for free delivery)

Mar 29, 2023

Jay, Ian and Alex preview and make preditions for Clash Of Titans which is a competition decided on total rather than formula with some of the strongest lifters in the world competing for the belt. They also discuss and predict Series 12.

Live stream

Feb 19, 2023

Tom Martin is a raw powerlifter who is currently ranked first in the UK by both Wilks and Dots formulas. He has totaled 985kg in the 100kg class and 1000kg in the 110kg class. (use code BRITISHSTRENGTH)


Jan 18, 2023

Jordan Helyer is a powerlifter and coach from Wales who coaches as part of the prestigious Zero Weakness team. He is also a type 1 diabetic.