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British Strength Radio

Dec 29, 2020

Chris Duffin is an all time world record breaking powerlifter, co-founder of Kabuki Strength and author. Chris has squatted 400kg (881lbs) in competition, in the 100kg (220lb) weight class and has also squatted 455kg (1000lbs) in the gym for a triple and deadlifted the same weight for a double.

Nov 14, 2020

Sam Bollands is a powerlifter who holds the cross-federation British record total in the 125kg class, raw with wraps. He has placed second at Pro Raw in Australia and has totaled 1000kg in competition, including a 400kg squat, 227.5kg bench press and a 372.5kg deadlift.

Nov 4, 2020

Dayle Longford is a 90kg powerlifter who has totaled 887.5kg raw with wraps and has won the Irish Pro Invitational four years in a row. He is also the owner of DL Fitness in Rhyl, Wales.

Oct 13, 2020

Dan Stewart is a 110kg and 125kg powerlifter who has totaled 972.5kg raw with wraps. He won the 2019 Irish Pro and also briefly held the 110kg class all time world record squat with 416kg/915lbs.

Sep 26, 2020

Sabrina Moore is a 63kg British Powerlifting and IPF powerlifter. She squatted 160kg, benched 97.5kg and deadlifted 200.5kg at the 2020 Women's British Championships, all raw with just a belt and knee sleeves.

Sabrina, as well as being a British Powerlifting referee, is the owner of a personal training business which...