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British Strength Radio

Dec 20, 2022

Ian Humphreys is a masters 3 under 82.5kg powerlifter who has squatted an all-time world record of 285kg in wraps, and holds the all-federation British total record in his class with 677.5kg. He also owns Oxygen Strength and Fitness in Penzance.

Dec 6, 2022

Alex and Jack wrap up Spartan Raw '22. In its second year, Spartan Raw was a huge success, and in this episode, the competition's organisers break down what transpired during the meet, the battles between the top contenders, the unique stories of some of the lifters, and plans for Spartan Raw '23.

Nov 17, 2022

Owner of ABS Powerlifting and promoter of the ABS Powerlifting Series, Jay Farrant, joins British Strength Radio once again to preview the imminent ABS Series 11. Ger Buckley and Nick Mellor (both competitiors in the event) also join the discussion.

To watch the live feed:

Nov 3, 2022

Andy Smith is the owner of LIFT Gyms UK, the co-founder of Brawn Power, and a GPC European powerlifting champion. In this episode, Andy provides his unique insight on what he believes powerlifting must do in order to elevate itself to the level of more lucrative sports when it comes to sponsorhip, exposure, prize money...

Oct 7, 2022

Dan Stewart is a powerlifter who competes both raw and equipped. He has totaled 972.5kg in the 110kg class raw and has recently totaled 1100kg equipped in the 125kg class. He has also held an all time world record in the squat with 411kg at 110kg, and he was the 2019 Irish Pro winner.