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British Strength Radio

Dec 25, 2019

Graham Hicks is the 2019 Britain's Strongest Man winner and recently placed second at Big Dogs 4 to Odell Manuel, totaling 1100kg which gave him the best total in the UK by a full 89 kilos.

Sam Bollands is a 125kg powerlifter who recently totaled 1000kg at the Irish Pro. He also placed 2nd at ProRaw in 2019 and...

Dec 18, 2019

Shane Jerman is a powerlifter and strongman who has totalled 860kg at 90kg bodyweight, raw with wraps. He is also an online coach who helps strength athletes from various different disciplines.

Dec 12, 2019

Andy Bolton is the first man ever to deadlift 1000lbs. He is one of the greatest powerlifters in the history of the sport and has also squatted 1200lbs in competition.