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British Strength Radio

Sep 26, 2020

Sabrina Moore is a 63kg British Powerlifting and IPF powerlifter. She squatted 160kg, benched 97.5kg and deadlifted 200.5kg at the 2020 Women's British Championships, all raw with just a belt and knee sleeves.

Sabrina, as well as being a British Powerlifting referee, is the owner of a personal training business which...

Sep 6, 2020

Chris Pugh is a 82.5kg and 90kg powerlifter who boasts competition bests of a 350kg squat, 206kg bench and 307.5kg deadlift. He has recently totaled 850kg at 82.5kg bodyweight, at the GPC European Championships in Slovakia. He owns Revolution Fitness Gym in St Ives, Cornwall and has also competed in bodybuilding.